• Plant Powered

    We take hydration to the next level with added botanicals like:

    • Evaporated Coconut Powder
    • Cucumber Extract
    • Ginger Extract
    • Organic Wheatgrass
  • Doesn't Taste Like Sh*t

    Sure, we could have crammed more electrolytes in here, but what good is drink that you don't drink? Taste was our first priority, and we think this is something you will look forward to sipping.

  • More ⚡️ Than The Other Guys

    We'll let our numbers do the talking:

    • 815 mg Chloride
    • 560 mg Sodium
    • 400 mg Potassium
    • 100 mg Magnesium
    • 100 mg Calcium
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Numbers Talk

Hydration Engineered To Win

We looked at the existing sticks and decided they weren't cutting it. We boosted the core electrolytes and added a special touch of Hyaluronic Acid for skin hydration.

More than salty water

Crafted From Nature

We paired Nature's Sports Drink, Coconut Water, with the purest form of salt on Earth, Himalayan Pink Salt.