Health Starts With Hydration

- 2000 mg of Electrolytes to recharge

- Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate skin

- Delicious Lemon Lime flavor

- 0 grams of Added Sugar

"I've tried dozens of electrolytes and none stack up to BATCH" - Diana



Soy Free

Dairy Free

0 g Added Sugar

2000 mg Electrolytes



Soy Free

Dairy Free

0 g Added Sugar

2000 mg Electrolytes

BATCH Is Built Different

Hydration Whenever You Need It

Night Out

Hang up on hangovers

Dry Skin

Hydrate your skin with Hyaluronic Acid


Replenish what you sweat out


It's quite dry up at 30,000 ft

Feeling Sick

110% DV of Vitamin C + antioxidants

After Sun

Give your tan the nutrients it needs

Your Hydration Foundation

Proper hydration can bring:

Heightened Mood

More Vibrant Skin

Improved Digestion

Quicker Workout Recovery

Increased Focus

Amplified Energy

Beyond Basic Hydration

Meet our of-the-Earth ingredients:

Pink Salt

Contains essential trace minerals often missing from traditional table salt. Sodium aids in water osmosis in cell membranes.

Evaporated Coconut Powder

Coconut water is known as nature's sports drink due to it's high potassium content. These natural electrolytes help your body to replenish and recover.



Known for its skin benefits, hyaluronic acid internally supports skin hydration by drawing water into the skin barrier.



Contains high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

Ginger Root


Soothe upset stomachs and aid digestion with ginger root. It contains calming qualities to help you recover when traveling.



Wheatgrass is known to be rich in chlorophyll which helps to flush unwanted toxins and alleviate inflammation.

Over 150k Sticks Sold

Hydration Packets

2000 mg Electrolytes

Zero Added Sugar

Coconut Water + Pink Salt

Hyaluronic Acid for Skin Hydration

Wheatgrass + Cucumber + Ginger Extract



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"When I saw another electrolyte product, I was unimpressed but thankfully I took a deeper look and the ingredients had me immediately purchasing. My favorite thing: NO ADDED SUGAR!! I use this at night with my sleepy girl cocktail and I am loving it."

Jen K.

Verified Buyer

Best Hydration Packet Out There!!

"I literally drink this every day. I love the taste. Better than a Gatorade and not as salty as some other packets. Clean ingredients. Always feel hydrated energized when I drink them!"

Rachel W.

Verified Buyer

Quality Hydration For Mind & Body

"Overall great product. Been drinking one every night and its a great supplement if you drink nothing but water like myself. Water only will take you so far and i feel better and have more energy during the day. Im on my feet 9 hours a day working a laborious job and these keep me hydrated. Skin is more vibrant and softer also. Im happy with my purchase and will continue to use these."

Justin M.

Verified Buyer

Incredible Taste And Feeling

"This is definitely by far the best tasting electrolyte mix I have ever tasted! But not only that, the ingredients are so incredibly healthy with no added sugar that I could just feel it detoxing me!! I can't wait to order a subscription of this and take this every single morning on an empty stomach to start my day."


Verified Buyer

Ready, Set, Hydrate

Pour one packet into 16 oz of cold, filtered water.

Rip & Pour

Shake Or Stir

Sip Or Chug