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Why You Need BATCH Hydration

Electrolyte-packed, on-the-go packets.

1. It Starts With The First Ingredient

You'll often find sugar as the first ingredient in many "hydration" powders. Not at BATCH. We use Coconut Water Powder for a natural boost of hydration.

Coconut water is known as “nature’s sports drink” for its high amounts of naturally occurring potassium. It comes from the juice inside of young coconuts and has been used by tropical tribes for centuries that know a thing or two about staying hydrated.

2. Sugar Free Taste You Can Get Behind

Sure, we could have crammed more electrolytes in here, but what good is drink that you don't drink? Taste was our first priority. You should look forward to sipping these down - not dreading it.

With zero added sugar, you'll be wondering how we did it. (Answer: fermented sugarcane).

3. Superior Salt

Formed over millions of years of tectonic shifting, Himalayan Pink Salt is considered the purest salt in the world. It contains essential trace minerals often missing from traditional table salt. Sodium aids in water osmosis in cell membranes.

4. Hydrate Your Skin While You're At It

Hyaluronic Acid is a popular skin care ingredient, but did you know you can get its benefits by drinking it? Pretty crazy right?

It sounds like a scary ingredient, but it is found naturally in your body. HA helps hydrate and plump your skin. Perfect for dry winters, or the sweltering summer sun.

5. Unbeatable Numbers

More sodium than Liquid IV.

More Potassium and Magnesium than LMNT.

Electrolytes are at the core of any quality hydration drink, and we did not skimp.

"We wanted to bring an electrolyte drink that incorporated Nature's most hydrating compounds, tasted great, and had zero added sugar"

— Griff (Chief Hydration Officer)

"The Best Hydration Packet Out There"

"It's hard to find an electrolyte mix that has zero sweeteners and a high enough sodium content for morning hydration and after workout hydration. The taste is pleasant and the price reasonable. Thank you Batch!"

Jenny B.

Verified Buyer

"Reminds me of lemon lime gatorade, but with better electrolyte profile and not as sweet. Will definitely buy more!"

Thomas O.

Verified Buyer

"When I saw another electrolyte product, I was unimpressed but thankfully I took a deeper look and the ingredients had me immediately purchasing. My favorite thing: NO ADDED SUGAR!! The flavor is little bit of a kick in the face but I kind of like intense flavor. I use this at night with my sleepy girl cocktail and I am loving it."


Verified Buyer

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